Being a resident

What we will do:

  • Provide you with a secure, well maintained home;
  • We will be clear with you what we can do for your as your landlord; where we’re unable to provide some services to you as a landlord, we’ll signpost you to other agencies who may help;
  • Make it easy for you to pay your rent and other charges, such as service charges where they apply;
  • Provide a good repairs service. We will be clear about what we will and not do and what works may be rechargeable to you;
  • Undertake tenancy audits to make sure who we think is living in our homes, are doing and take action if not;
  • Make it easy for you to contact us, in a variety of ways;
  • Have well-trained, respectful staff who will provide advice and assistance. 

What you will do:

  • Look after you home, garden and be respectful of the wider neighbourhood. Keep your home in good decorative order; report any repairs to us and, if you have permission to keep pets, be a responsible pet owner;
  • Let us into your home when we need to. For example to carry out repairs and gas safety or other health and safety checks;
  • Pay your rent and any charges due on time; you’ll work with housing benefit departments or the DWP in making claims for relevant benefits where applicable;
  • Be a responsible and respectful neighbour. Where there are differences, you will seek to resolve these yourselves through talking to your neighbour;
  • Keep in touch with us when you need advice or assistance around your housing situation; and to keep us updated in any changes in your circumstances, including your household and contact details.

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