Tools to tackle ASB

Tackling ASB is a priority for us, and in doing this we will often work with other agencies. These include the police, local councils and other housing associations.

Depending on the ASB which has been committed, we may not be the lead organisation dealing with this. For example, if the ASB is primarily criminal, the police may lead on this. We will however work with them and take action against the tenancy where this is appropriate and reasonable.

Other tools we may use to tackle ASB include:


Mediation is a preventative measure designed to stop problems escalating and would be used in circumstances such as neighbour disputes. GreenSquareAccord has a service agreement with community mediation, who are an independent and impartial service.

Starter tenancies

Starter tenancies are given to all new customers, who did not previously hold an assured or secure tenancy, directly before becoming a GreenSquareAccord customer. These usually last 12 month and are like a ‘trial’ period.

If there are tenancy breaches we may extend the starter tenancy for a further 6 month period to 18 months; or, if tenancy breaches continue or are severe, we may evict the customer.

Acceptable Behaviour Contracts

Acceptable Behaviour Contracts (ABCs) are an early intervention tool designed to be used by landlords, police, and local authorities to agree acceptable behaviours with individuals. A joint meeting with the perpetrator, local police, the council, and GreenSquareAccord is arranged and the terms of the contract are agreed by all parties and set out on the contract. This stays in place and is monitored by the agencies involved. If a breach occurs, further steps may be taken against an individual, which could incur court action.

Civil injunction

An injunction is a court order preventing someone from doing something. The civil injunction is put in place to prevent a person or persons causing antisocial behaviour.

Notices of Seeking Possession

A Notice of Seeking Possession means that we are giving notice that we are intending to apply to the courts for possession of the property. This is because the tenant has breached their tenancy by causing, or allowing someone in their household to cause, antisocial behaviour to a neighbour or somebody visiting the area; or going about their lawful business in the area.

Community Trigger

The Community Trigger is a process you can use to ask agencies to review their response to ASB or hate incidents that you have reported.

For Oxford, click here (with activation requests sent to (

For Wiltshire, click here.

For Gloucestershire, click here.


Eviction, as a last resort, will be sought through the courts in order to prevent further nuisance occurring at the property.

A notice will be served on the perpetrator and the case will be heard in court. The final steps are for bailiffs to attend the property to accompany former tenants away from the property and the locks are changed.

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