What to expect

Our repair responsibilities

We’re responsible for maintaining and repairing the structure of your home and any shared areas. Inside your home, this will include:

  • Maintaining and testing heating systems;
  • Roof repairs;
  • Maintain electrical sockets and wiring (we don’t replace light bulbs within your home);
  • Maintenance and clearance of gutters;
  • Install and repair communal and boundary fencing;
  • Structural repairs to homes and common areas; and
  • Replacing tap washers.

Customer repair responsibilities

You will be responsible for some repairs and maintenance within your home. Or, we may do some of these, but the cost of us doing them will be expected prior to work starting. Please always check your tenancy agreement, but works which you will be required to undertake are:

  • Maintaining a good standard of decoration within your home, and your garden or any external areas clean and tidy;
  • Ensuring your home is well ventilated to prevent condensation; ensure any condensation mould is cleaned away;
  • Take responsibility for minor repairs such as filling in small decoration cracks;
  • Replace toilet seats and sink plugs;
  • Unblock toilets and sinks you have blocked;
  • Replacing lost keys or changing the lock if all keys are lost;
  • Bleed radiators;
  • Repairs which are a result of customer damage; or by a visitor to the property;
  • Replacement of lightbulbs within your own home;
  • Maintain and repair dividing fence between you and your neighbour;
  • Keep gas appliances you own serviced.

Maintenance of any item which is an improvement made by the customer.

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