Castle Mead

Site plan:

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Grounds Maintenance Frequencies

Reference Works Required (Once Transferred) Visits p.a.
LEAP Visual Inspection 26
Physical Inspection 12
Boundary Maintenance 2
Sinking Fund 0.1
Amenity Grass Mowing 14 (min)
Trees Maintenance ad hoc
Hedgerows Cutting 1
Strim Base 1
Litter Bin Emptying & Litter Picking (LEAP) 52
Bin Emptying & Litter Picking (Site) 14 (min)
Footpath Maintenance ad hoc
Shrub Beds Maintenance 2
Attenuation Ponds Remove Obstructions ad hoc
Strim to Banks 2
Dredge to Maintain Capacity 0.1
Inspection 1