Regulatory notice - information for customers



1 March 2019


What’s happened?

The Regulator for Social Housing has issued a regulatory notice to GreenSquare Group having found it has breached the ‘Home Standard’. 

What does that mean?

GreenSquare has a responsibility within this standard to meet all applicable statutory requirements which provide for the health and safety of tenants in their homes. The regulatory notice has been issued because we failed to meet these requirements.

How did this come about?

Late last year, we found that some properties had overdue gas safety certificates and self-reported this to the Regulator for Social Housing. We then carried out a review into wider health and safety compliance which identified further concerns about fire and lift safety; these were also reported to the regulator. 

What went wrong?

The main concern related to fire safety where a large number of priority actions arising from fire risk assessments had not been carried out. Our review also found that a number of lift insurance inspections had not been completed. We apologise unreservedly for this. We understand that customers will feel let down and you have every right to feel that way. 

Did this affect all GreenSquare customers?

No, but this issue did affect a significant number of tenants in properties with communal areas, such as flats and supported housing schemes. 

Is there still a problem?

We have provided the regulator with assurance that all outstanding gas and lift safety checks and overdue priority actions from fire risk assessments have now been completed, with work continuing on those that remain. 

How do we know this won’t happen again?

We want to assure you that our new senior team is one hundred percent focused on meeting our landlord health and safety obligations as an absolute priority. 

But what’s actually changed?

GreenSquare has already seen significant changes to its executive in recent months, and further new appointments to our management board will strengthen it further. We are also funding a major programme to fundamentally change the way we manage our compliance so that these past mistakes are not repeated.


More questions and answers

What is the Regulator of Social Housing?

The Regulator of Social Housing regulates registered providers of social housing (housing associations like GreenSquare); this regulation is to promote a viable, efficient and well-governed social housing sector able to deliver homes that meet a range of needs.

What does the Regulator of Social Housing focus on?

The regulator undertakes economic regulation, focusing on governance, financial viability and value for money. It also sets consumer standards – and may take action if these standards are breached and there is a significant risk of serious detriment to tenants or potential tenants.

What is a regulatory notice?

The Regulator of Social Housing publishes assessments on how well registered providers are meeting regulatory standards. These regulatory judgements and regulatory notices are the regulator’s official view of a provider. 

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