Fire prevention tips

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Fire prevention in the home

Throughout the house

  • DO check your all smoke detectors.
  • DO plan your escape routes in case fire does strike.
  • DO allow GreenSquare to check your gas boilers
  • DO keep matches and lighters out of the reach of children.

  • DON'T overload electrical sockets or extension cords.

Living room

  • DON'T put ashtrays on chair or sofa arms.
  • DON'T run electrical cords under rugs, or through doors.
  • DON'T leave unattended cigarettes burning in ashtrays.
  • DON'T leave mobile phones, tablets or laptops when charging
  • DON’T leave candles burning unattended

  • DO keep candles away from things that will burn and children
  • DO unplug Christmas tree lights at night or on leaving the house


  • DON'T smoke in bed.
  • DON'T place heaters within three feet of flammable materials.
  • DON'T use heaters to dry clothes.
  • DON'T use extension cords with portable heaters.
  • DON'T leave heaters unattended or go to sleep while they are on.
  • DO unplug heaters after you turn them off.


  • DO use oven timers.
  • DO keep things which will burn off of the stove.
  • DO store flammable chemicals like furniture polish in cupboards
  • DO keep appliance cords out of reach of children.
  • DO regularly check for worn cords or damaged plugs.
  • DO check the kitchen before going to bed. Is the stove off and kettle unplugged?
  • DO - If a fire occurs
    -  Turn off the stove.
    -  Smother the fire with a saucepan lid or damp tea towel, shut the oven door.
    -  Evacuate your property and call the fire brigade on 999.
  • DON'T overload electrical sockets.
  • DON'T leave deep fat fryers or wok’s unattended.
  • DON'T leave food unattended on the stove.
  • DON'T cook wearing sleeves that can dangle near the burners.
  • DON'T let grease build up on your stove or oven.
  • DON'T let crumbs build up in your toaster.
  • DON'T let curtains hang near your stove.
  • DON'T - if a fire occurs
    -  risk moving the pot or pan.
    -  put water on an oil fire.
    -  fight fires which spread from your stove or oven

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