Fire safety

FAQs for customers in blocks and schemes following the London tower block fire

GreenSquare has two high rise aparment buildings with 7 floors, however, these are not similar to the property involved with the tower block fire in London. Most other apartment buildings are 2 or 3 floors with a few taller buildings of up to 6 floors.

Q. How can you assure me my family are safe?
GreenSquare carries out an annual fire risk assessment of all communal areas in blocks, sheltered schemes, supported properties, student accommodation and houses of multiple occupation. Any high risk actions are dealt with immediately following this assessment. All blocks and schemes are regularly checked by GreenSquare Estate Wardens or Community Officers and it is important for customers to maintain the clear corridor policy for escape routes.

Q. Should I still follow the ‘stay put’ policy?
Yes, the existing guidance still stands at present to ensure fire escapes are clear for fire fighters to do their job in the event of an emergency. If the alarm is activating in another part of your building you are safe within your flat for at least 60 minutes and provides adequate time for the fire brigade to take any necessary action. If you are directly affected by smoke or fire within your own flat then you should always leave immediately shutting the front door behind you and inform neighbours if safe to do so.

Q. Where can I find the evacuation procedure?
Fire safety procedures are issued to all new customers as part of their introductory sign up pack. They can also be found on Fire Action Notices which are posted in your communal stairwells, usually located near to the entrance/exits.

Q. My property has recently been refurbished, am I at risk?
All refurbishments are carried out in accordance with Building Regulations and approved by the relevant authorities. Any communal fire safety alarms are commissioned and then tested weekly to ensure they are fully functional.

Q. Is my front door fire rated?
All GreenSquare flat front doors are fire-rated to a minimum of 30mins. If you have replaced your front door or are concerned about the standard of your fire door then please contact GreenSquare on: 01249 465465.

Q. Is my building fire compartmentalised?
All GreenSquare premises meet current Building Regulations for fire compartmentalisation and offer between 30-60 minutes of fire protection.

Q. How do I ensure my smoke detectors are working?
All blocks have hard wired automatic smoke detection with a back up 10 year battery. You can check by pressing the test button to ensure your detector is working. If you have a faulty detector please contact GreenSquare on: 01249 465465

Q. Is the communal fire alarm checked regularly?
Yes communal fire alarms in sheltered schemes are tested on a weekly programme. If you are unable to hear the fire alarm during the test please speak with your Community Officer.

Any future updates to GreenSquare’s fire safety policies or procedures will be done through Facebook and this website.

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