Repairs and maintenance

Repairs and maintenance is one of the most important services that we provide for our customers. Keeping your home in a good condition is important to us and we aim to provide a responsive service that is efficient and provides value for money.

To allow us to do this, it is important our tradespeople, contractors, and surveyors are allowed into your home.

Repair responsibilities vary depending on the tenancy you hold with us. Click on the links for more information if you’re a shared owner; leaseholder; or hold an intermediate tenancy.

What is a repair?

We will carry out repairs that are a result of wear and tear. We will not carry out repairs that are the result of damage by you or any visitors you have at your home. Or, if we do carry out these repairs, we will charge you and this payment will be expected prior to works commencing.

Our repair responsibilities

We’re responsible for maintaining and repairing the structure of your home and any shared areas. Inside your home, this will include:

  • Maintaining and testing heating systems;
  • Roof repairs;
  • Maintain electrical sockets and wiring (we don’t replace light bulbs within your home);
  • Maintenance and clearance of gutters;
  • Install and repair communal and boundary fencing;
  • Structural repairs to homes and common areas.

Customer repair responsibilities

You will be responsible for some repairs and maintenance within your home. Or, we may do some of these but the cost of us doing this will be expected prior to works starting. Please always check your tenancy agreement, but work that you will be required to undertake includes:

  • Maintaining a good standard of decoration within your home, and keeping your garden or any external areas clean and tidy;
  • Ensuring your home is well ventilated to prevent condensation; ensure any condensation mould is cleaned away;
  • Taking responsibility for minor repairs such as filling in small decoration cracks;
  • Replacing toilet seats, sink plugs, and tap washers;
  • Unblocking toilets and sinks you have blocked;
  • Replacing lost keys or changing the lock if all keys are lost;
  • Bleeding radiators;
  • Repairs that are a result of customer damage; or by a visitor to the property;
  • Replacing lightbulbs in your own home;
  • Maintaining and repairing the dividing fence between you and your neighbour;
  • Keeping gas appliances you own serviced;
  • Maintaining any item that is an improvement made by the customer.

If you want us to carry out a repair, please contact us:

Out-of-hours repairs

If you have an emergency repair, please contact us on the usual number, 0300 111 7000 (please note some repairs may be rechargeable). When you report a repair to us, please refer to the pictures and notes in our repairs handbook. This will help you to accurately describe the problem,  help us to order the correct repair, and give it the right priority.

On some occasions, we may decide to send out a surveyor before, during, or after a repair. This helps us decide what the best repair would be or to see how it is actually being delivered.

When we have made any arrangements for you, we will confirm the details with you, and we ask you to make a note of the repair reference number, the date and time of any appointment, and any specific instructions you may be given.

If possible, we will offer you an appointment for one of our own tradespeople to come out, but, on occasions, you may find we arrange for one of our contractors to carry out your repair. If this is the case, they will contact you directly to arrange an appointment.

Our appointments are either for a morning or an afternoon on any given day; we will try to accommodate any specific requirements by noting them on the job for the tradesperson, although we ask you to be as flexible as possible for the allotted time.

If you have an appointment and there is a problem so you need to rearrange, please contact us as soon as you can or perhaps see if someone, aged 18 or over, can be around on your behalf. You may incur a charge for a missed appointment.

We do sample a selection of our completed repairs and we value the feedback you give us. You may get a phone call from the Viewpoint team who will ask whether you are willing to answer a short survey.

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