Owing money on a previous tenancy

If you owe, or think you owe money on a previous tenancy please contact us. We expect you to pay us any money you still owe us when you leave one of our properties. You could owe us money for rent; the cost of clearing your property; or works we have carried out for you while you were a tenant.

We offer a wide range of ways to pay, please click here to see our payment options. If you are unable to settle your account in full, it is important you contact us to make an arrangement.

What will you do if I owe you money when I move out?

We will make reasonable efforts to contact you and to assist you by agreeing a repayment plan you can afford. 

What will you do if I don't pay the money I owe you?

  • We may refer the debt to a Debt Collection Agency.
  • We may refer the case to Court and apply for a Money Judgement (also known as a County Court Judgement or CCJ). This will make it much harder for you to obtain credit (such as loans, mortgage or a mobile phone contract) in the future.

We will also ask the court to charge you for any court costs incurred.

Owing money to us may also make it harder for you to get another home through the local authority, another housing association or a private landlord.

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