Rent and money

This is the section you need if you want to know about your rent and service charges, information about how much rent you will have to pay, the many different ways that you can pay your rent, what to do if you are behind with your rent and what will happen if you don’t pay your rent, as well as what to do if you owe us money from a previous tenancy. In addition, there is information about the new Universal Credit, which is now live across large areas of the country including Wiltshire, Swindon, Gloucestershire, and Oxfordshire. It is a new benefit that is replacing six working age benefits.

Direct debit update for customers (March 2019)

Over the next few days many of you will be receiving direct debit letters from Allpay advising what your direct debit will be after the rent changes in April. 

If you pay your rent monthly via direct debit, you may notice that you are paying slightly more than last year, even though your rent is dropping. 

Why is this? 

Usually we calculate monthly direct debits as: rent x 52 weeks in the year divided by 12 months.  

Your tenancy agreement is to pay weekly on a Monday, but in the next financial year (2019-20) there are 53 Mondays, instead of 52. This happens every few years.  

This means GreenSquare will charge 53 weeks of rent.  

Many customers choose to pay monthly and that is absolutely fine, but we still require 53 weeks of rent spread over the 12 monthly payments you will make. 

Get in touch 

There may be other reasons your direct debit is changing so if the above doesn’t apply to you, or you have any other queries, please contact our Customer Service team on 01249 465465 or email

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