Voice of the Customer

Our purpose at GreenSquareAccord is to build better lives. By working together with our customers and local communities we can positively impact people’s lives by becoming a better landlord; investing in communities; extending our care and support services; and building more affordable homes.

This is why our new programme – Voice of the Customer is shaping the way we go about our work. Your views, your feedback, and your participation means we can use what we learn to help us do things differently and deliver better housing and care services.

Introducing Voice of the Customer

Voice of the Customer is at the heart of our new corporate strategy, ‘Simply Brilliant Together’. We’re going to focus our efforts on doing the simple things really well; building on strong foundations as we strive to become even better.

Voice of the Customer is all about making your voice count and you can be involved as little, or as much, as you want.

What is ‘Voice of the Customer’?

It means giving our customers a bigger voice - putting you front and centre of everything we do.

It is about driving change – a change in culture, a change in how we do things.

It is about engagement – working with our customers to build trust and confidence in how we deliver our services.

It’s about delivering great customer service.

Voice of the Customer is about listening and learning from each other, as together we begin our journey of improvement as GreenSquareAccord.

What’s different?

Too many organisations decide what they think is best for their customers. We know that this can lead to poor quality services, or even services that customers don’t want or need. This has to change.

By understanding better what matters to you, we can focus more on delivering great customer service. Voice of the Customer makes it easier than ever to give us your views on what is working well, and what needs improving.

Of course we won’t be able to please every customer all of the time and we know that it will take time to get things right. But your voice will be heard more than ever before. Let’s work together, let’s pump up the volume so what you say inspires positive and collaborative action.

Let's pump up the volume

Ways you can get your voice heard

Customer Panels:

A great opportunity to meet with other customers, the panels are made up of a broad selection of customers who access the huge range of services that we provide. Customer panels meet regularly throughout the year.

Customer focus groups, activity days, and workshops:

Focus groups, activity days and workshops are a great opportunity for customers and staff members to look at and discuss specific projects. Depending on the theme, different groups of customers will be asked to join the sessions to share their views and experiences.

Customer surveys:

Surveys enable you to provide thoughts and feedback on a range of services. We will use the information collected from the surveys to learn more about the services you receive and what can be done to enhance them.

Learning from complaints:

Sometimes our customers will use their voice to make a complaint. We’re always disappointed to hear when something goes wrong, but complaints are really valuable as they help us get things right in the future.

Conversations with customers:

You have a voice and we want you to use it. We all know it’s good to talk! We have thousands of conversations with customers every day.

Social media listening:

Facebook or Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn – whatever your preferred social media platform, we have a GreenSquareAccord page ready to and listen to your views and share our latest news.

Community involvement, Co-ops, Tenant Management Organisations and residents’ groups:

Many of our customers set up local community groups and tenant groups, just let us know if you want help to do this in your community.

So, are you ready?

During the coming weeks and months we will be sharing more information about ways you can get involved and make your views and comments heard. Whether that’s responding to a survey, commenting on social media, or taking part in a panel and focus group discussions – Voice of the Customer is going to change the way we do things.

We’re on a journey to be better – join us.

If you would like to know more about ways to get involved and have your voice heard, please get in touch by emailing us at info@greensquareaccord.co.uk

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