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Changes to our Facebook pages

We have evaluated the pros and cons, and we have decided to merge our 'county' Facebook pages. There will be a single GreenSquare Facebook page called 'GreenSquare' that will contain all the relevant information for residents and that you can use to contact us. Any shortcuts you have in your browser pointing to the old pages (GreenSquare in Oxfordshire, GreenSquare in Wiltshire, GreenSquare in Gloucestershire) will stop working. The link to use is

The main GreenSquare Twitter feed is:

Do you use Facebook or Twitter?

If so, you can now find GreenSquare on Facebook and Twitter!

What’s it about?

We have Facebook pages and Twitter feeds that you can subscribe to.

There you can find out what’s going on in your area as well as information and advice. We also use these pages to ask your thoughts and opinions on a range of topics.

What does it involve?

All you need to do is find us on Facebook and LIKE our pages (see below). On Twitter, simply find us and become one of our followers!

How do I join?

Simply type the following into your Web browser and it will take you straight to the Facebook page (you need to have a Facebook account to be able to LIKE the page)

and click LIKE to join the page.

You will then receive updates from the pages when someone adds something new or you can post your own comments or pictures too.

What have we done so far?

Since launching the Facebook pages in June 2012, we now have over 1800 ‘LIKES’.

The pages have been used to promote events being held by GreenSquare and partners, and residents have also used the pages to give us feedback on these events and also to share local information with other residents.

One resident posted photos of some young people who got involved in helping her clean up their street as a way of saying thank you to them for all their hard work.

Residents have advertised charity events they are hosting on our Facebook pages and been able to update us with how much they have raised.

Residents have been able to ask for volunteers for groups such as a singing group.

We have shown pictures of residents’ communal gardens and staff and residents cleaning up their neighbourhoods on our Facebook pages.

GreenSquare has been able to recruit residents to come along to focus groups from our pages.

Residents have been able to contact us through the page to let us know of any issues in the area where they live.