Resident Inspector

Resident Inspector

Inspect GreenSquare’s services and make recommendations for improvements.

Do you enjoy helping to improve your community?

If so you could become a Resident Inspector!

What do the Inspectors do?

Resident Inspectors are a group of residents who inspect the housing, neighbourhoods and services provided by GreenSquare. They report their findings to management and make recommendations for improvements and monitor any changes. In addition, GreenSquare may ask them to find out what residents think about particular services and how to improve them.

Residents of all ages can become a Resident Inspector. Our commitment to improving our services will be helped by a wide range of residents becoming involved.

What does it involve?

All resident inspectors will be fully supported and given training where necessary. Inspectors may be involved in:

  • Inspecting empty homes that need to be re-let
  • Inspecting services such as repairs.
  • Getting feedback from other residents on particular issues in person or by phone
  • Helping staff who run services to understand what changes will make a difference to how satisfied residents feel
  • Making recommendations for improvements to services and monitoring progress with the Residents Business Plan
  • Undertaking specific tasks or reports at the request of GreenSquare.

As a member of this group, you could get:

  • £10 in High Street vouchers per activity
  • Travel expenses
  • Parking costs
  • Care and child care costs
  • IT equipment and/or internet costs and stationery

How do I join?

Contact us on 01249 465465 or email

What have the Inspectors done so far?

Inspection of ready-to-let properties

Inspection of estate walkabouts

Repairs inspection

Financial Inclusion survey & report

Inspection on impact of lettings policy on ethnic & European minority residents

Short-term projects relating to focus groups, communications and corporate governance (in Oxfordshire only)




Keeping your home warm
Planned maintenance
Estate walkabouts and resident involvement
Impact of lettings policy on ethnic and European minority residents
‘Ready to Let’ Standards - Westlea
‘Ready to Let’ Standards - Isis
Financial Inclusion Survey
Estate Walkabouts
In-house Repair Team vs Repairs executed by Contractors
Financial inclusion