Your feedback is essential to help us understand if you’re happy with the services we offer, and the way we deliver them. It tells us what changes we need to make, how we need to improve, and enables us to make decisions on new services to introduce.

The quickest way for you to give us feedback (and the easiest way for us to collect it from as many customers as possible) is by using surveys. As well as phoning or emailing to ask how satisfied you are when you’ve received a service from us, like a repair or energy advice visit, for example, our new online service myGreenSquare has its very own survey area. mySurveys is where you can complete surveys by yourself at any time.

Each month we’ll launch a new survey for you to fill in. You’ll be sent a message to let you know it’s ready; and once you’ve signed into myGreenSquare you just need to choose the ‘Complete mySurvey’ button on the mySurvey ‘tile’ and answer the questions.

If you haven’t already registered for myGreenSquare you can do it here. It takes just a few minutes if you have an electronic device, access to the internet and your account number to hand.

Everyone who takes part in a survey will be entered into our monthly prize draw with the chance to win £250. And for each survey you complete you’ll also get an entry into our winter prize draw; you could win a top prize of £500 or one of two runners up prizes of £250.

Please fill in the surveys when you can; the more customers’ voices we hear and the more feedback we have the opportunity to act on, the better our services will be for everyone.

Our recent surveys

Dealing with the coronavirus outbreak - April/May 2020

In this survey, we asked customers a series of questions to understand how the coronavirus outbreak has affected them. We will use this information to plan our services and help customers move on from this challenging time. More details here.

Customer engagement strategy - March 2020

In November, we asked customers how we could be more open and accountable. We have used this feedback to create our customer engagement strategy. In this survey, we followed up by asking customers how they would like GreenSquare to involve them in providing feedback and how they would like to receive our latest updates. More details here.

Customer feedback - February 2020

In this survey, we asked customers for their preferences around providing feedback on our services. The survey was carried out to help us understand how we should ask for your opinions and provide opportunities for you to give them. More details here.

Planning your finances in December - January 2020

This survey was about planning finances in December. We know it can be difficult to manage money in December and we want to help customers plan for this time of year. Feedback from this survey will shape the support we offer. More details here.

Contact centre service - December 2019

In this survey, we asked customers what they expect from our contact centre. More details here.

GreenSquare and our accountability to customers - November 2019

In this survey, we asked customers if they think we are clear about the services we are responsible for as a landlord, and whether they feel they can hold us to account if we fall short of our responsibilities. More details here.

Tenancy management team - October 2019

In this survey, we asked customers for their feedback on the services provided by our tenancy management team. More details here.

Estate services - September 2019

In this survey, we asked customers for their feedback on our estate services to find out what they value, and what we need to do to improve service delivery. More details here.

Community funding - August 2019

In this survey, we asked customers for their views on how we should manage funding requests from local charities and organisations. More details here.

Repairs service - July 2019

In this survey, we asked customers for their thoughts and feedback on our repairs service. More details here.

Antisocial behaviour - June 2019

This survey was about antisocial behaviour. We asked customers about the issues they have experienced in their neighbourhoods, and how helpful we have been when problems have been reported. More details here.

Out of hours - May 2019

In this survey, we asked customers for their thoughts and feedback on our out of hours emergency service. More details here.

Community involvement - April 2019

In this survey, we wanted to find out how we can support and encourage community involvement and where customers think our focus should be. More details here.

Together with Tenants - March 2019

This survey was looking at how we can work more closely with our customers, in line with the National Housing Federation's new 'Together with Tenants' initiative, which includes a proposed charter so customers know what to expect from their landlord. More details here.

Rents and service charges - February 2019

This survey was looking into how satisfied our customers are with the rent and the service charge (if applicable) that they pay. More details here.

Standards of service - January 2019

This survey was looking at service standards. We value our customers and are committed to providing you with great service; you are and should be at the heart of everything we do. More details here.

Governance and engagement - December 2018 

This survey was about governance and engagement; we want to ensure that our customers have a wide range of opportunities to influence and be involved in services we deliver. More details here.

Grounds maintenance – November 2018

This survey was about our grounds maintenance service for GreenSquare land. More details here.

Green paper customer consultation – October 2018

This survey was seeking views on the government's social housing green paper 'A new deal for social housing' which focuses on the relationship between landlords and tenants, and proposes fundamental reform. More details here.

Handy help – September 2018

In this survey, we wanted to find out if you thought that GreenSquare should provide any additional repairs and maintenance services; how the service could be paid for; and who you think could benefit. More details here.

G2 magazine and annual review – July 2018

We carried out this survey to find out customers' views about moving G2 online, and to invite their suggestions about what they'd like to see included in the annual review for customers. More details here.

Residents and recycling – June 2018

This survey was looking into recycling, asking customers how they are recycling at the moment and what could be done to help them to recycle more in the future. More details here.

Social and affordable rents – May 2018

This survey was to get a customer viewpoint on offering social rents as well as, or instead of, affordable rents. More details here.

Anti-social behaviour – March 2018

This survey was to learn how satisfied customers were with how we manage anti-social behaviour (ASB). We have an in-house tenancy enforcement team that deals with serious or complex tenancy breaches, with housing or community officers managing low to medium level cases. More details here.

Digital access (use of the internet) – January 2018

This survey was part of a wider Customer Service Committee inquiry into whether our customers are ready to 'go digital' and access our services online. More details here.


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