Have your say (in a fun way!)

Greenview is our easy-to-use website where residents can fill in regular surveys and take part in forum chats and quick polls to earn points - and points mean prizes!

The points are awarded each time you take part in a survey about different aspects of our services, or complete a quick poll, or post a comment on the forum.

quick pollYou receive:

  • 1 point for completing a quick poll
  • 2 points for forum posts
  • 10 points for completing a survey.


As you get more involved your points will allow you to progress from being a newbie to becoming a ‘contributor, reviewer, senior reviewer to finally an expert!

There is an Annual cash prize draw which has 3 levels of prizes – for  £100, £250, and £500 - the more points you have the greater the value of the prize draw you will be entered into!

Find out what our 2017 £500 prize winner, Chris Randall, had to say about Greenview:

We also have regular prize draws – to be entered into these all you have to do is complete that particular survey! Every time we have:

1 prize of £100
2 prizes of £50
2 prizes of £25

You can register hereThere will be a delay while your registration is authorised, you will then receive a confirmation email and you’ll be able to login whenever you like.

If, for some reason, you are unable to complete Greenview online, you can take part in the surveys by phone or post. Please contact the Viewpoint team for further information.


December 2017 – Review of Greenview
This survey was a review of the Greenview surveys carried out over the past year and what surveys customers felt were particularly useful.  We also asked for any suggestions for surveys which customers thought would be beneficial for the coming year.
The results showed that the customer feedback survey (FAST/STAR) was the most popular followed by the Grounds Maintenance survey.
Customer ideas for future surveys included repairs quality and the state of the estates.

November 2017  GreenSquare Website
This survey was a follow up on the survey in March about the re-organisation of the website. We'd asked for customers opinions on the reorganised website and on the new accessibility feature called ReciteMe.  Following changes to the Website this survey was carried out asking residents for their comments on what they thought of the changes that had been made.
70% of people found it easy or very easy to find information they wanted on the new-look website.
75% of respondents found the new way we grouped the pages on the website made the site easier or much easier to use.
9 people (7%) said they had difficulties reading the text on the website. Of these people, only 1 had tried ReciteMe which is the accessibility software that runs on the website. Other people have tried out the ReciteMe software.
Conclusion – the changes have been successful and there is to be no more changes to the website in 2018.

October 2017 – Customer Feedback
This survey was about how we measure customer satisfaction with our services. We explained how we carried out a general satisfaction survey - STAR - and daily service user surveys - FAST. Additionally, we get customer feedback on specific areas including Anti-Social Behaviour, Complaints, Aids and Adaptations, Major Works, Energy Advice, New Lettings and Newly Built homes. We were reviewing this suite of surveys with the aim of streamlining them to ensure we are getting relevant feedback that we can analyse and use to improve our services.  We asked people if they had ever taken part in a STAR or FAST survey and whether they had any views concerning which was the best way of measuring customer satisfaction.
Of the people who had an opinion, FAST was most popular as people liked the fact it was a short survey and very soon after a service had been used.
The last STAR surveys were conducted in March 2018.

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