Forums and Groups

Forums and GroupsGreenview - We use Greenview  as our main forum for consultation. In addition we have groups that come together to share ideas and put forward proposals about particular services.

55+ Forums – based in Oxford and Wiltshire. The Forums are made up of representatives from 55+ and extra care schemes. They meet quarterly to discuss service issues that affect their schemes and also plan and share ideas for social events and activities in their communities. In addition to this forum reps have input into estate improvement funds and, as part of their role, put forward suggestions and volte for suggestions from other schemes.

Disability Forum – held in Oxford once a year to discuss issues affecting customers with disabilities.

The next meeting is Thursday 8 March from 10am to 1.30pm at the Barn, Nightingale Avenue, Greater Leys, Oxford OX4 7BU.


If you are hoping to come to the Disability Forum, click here to let us know, and also tell us about any needs you have.

GreenSquare Customer Focus – a new forum planned to look at a wide range of issues around customer service. This started in Autumn 2017 and updates will be posted on the website – keep your eyes peeled for these.