Customer Panel

The Customer Panel was set up in May 2020 to work in partnership with GreenSquareAccord to challenge, scrutinise, and design how we deliver our services. The Panel ensures that we listen to what our customers are saying and helps us shape improvements to our landlord service.


The priorities for the Customer Panel in 2021 are:


The Panel want to see an improvement in communication around repairs. They want to make sure that if you have been promised a call back you will hear from GreenSquareAccord.


Panel members are working with GreenSquareAccord on a new policy and procedure for supporting vulnerable people, and making sure there is a framework of training and guidance for staff.


The complaints group are monitoring GreenSquareAccord's performance against the standards and deadlines set out in the new complaints procedure. They want to see what GreenSquareAccord learns from complaints and what changes we make following a complaint.

Meeting minutes

You can find the Panel's meeting minutes here.

Contact the Customer Panel

You can contact the Customer Panel by emailing

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