Customer Focus

These regular Customer Focus sessions are where our customers have the opportunity to tell us what they think, and help us to shape our future services.

  • We hold three sessions a year.
  • The sessions are open to all customers and there is no ongoing commitment.
  • What we discuss at each session will change and be relevant to what’s important at the time.
  • Why take part? Because you’ll get the opportunity to:

- make sure we understand what’s most important to you (your priorities);

- help us design and develop the products and services we offer (improve quality);

- question how we’re doing against the standards we set (improve performance);

- tell us what you think and feel about new ideas we have and share any you have (give feedback and make suggestions); and

- help us improve every customers' satisfaction with the services we offer and deliver.



You can view the latest feedback newsletter here.

Watch a video summary of the first Customer Focus session below.

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