Customer involvement

Customers are at the heart of GreenSquareAccord. We want customers to drive everything we do. We involve customers at all levels and in lots of different ways. This includes being a Board member making key decisions right at the top to answering a quick feedback survey that can change how GreenSquareAccord operates. Get involved and help to shape your landlord!

 Stay up to date!

Read our monthly customer experience newsletter to stay up to date with the latest results and feedback from customer surveys and suggestions, measures of customer satisfaction, and highlights from our Customer Panel meetings. 

Read our customer engagement strategy to find out how we work with customers to shape services for the better.

Your opportunities to get involved

Customer Focus

Customers are invited to come along to informal meetings to discuss feedback from surveys, proposed changes to services or other topics. The last couple of sessions looked at repairs, grounds maintenance and customer service. Find out more.

Community Fund

Grants of up to £500 are available to community groups and local organisations to fund projects and activities in areas where GreenSquareAccord has homes. We also have a panel of customers who review the applications and decide who to award grants to. Find out more.

Customer Panel

Works in partnership with GreenSquareAccord to challenge, scrutinise and design how we deliver our services. The Panel ensures we listen to what our customers are saying and helps us to shape improvements to our landlord service. Find out more.

Testing services

Customers who inspect GreenSquareAccord’s services and make recommendations for improvements. This can be by carrying out a mystery shop or in other ways. Find out more.

Good Neighbour Awards

You can nominate a GreenSquareAccord customer, who goes out of their way to help you or others in your neighbourhood, for one of our annual awards. Find out more.

Activities and events

We can support customers to fund and deliver activities and events in their neighbourhoods. We can also support resident groups and associations in areas where we have homes. Find out more.

Social media

You can follow us on Facebook to find out what’s happening at GreenSquareAccord and also in your local community. Find us at Find out more.

Tree-planting initiative

If you are a community group or school based in an area where GreenSquareAccord has homes, you can apply to have some trees planted nearby. Find out more.


Interested in getting involved?

Please get in touch!

Tel: 0300 111 7000

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