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Greenview - GreenSquare's resident feedback website

Refuge Support Services

Refuge Support Services

Guide to shared ownership

A guide to shared ownership

Customer charter

Our service standards – what you can expect from us.

Domestic Abuse

Are you experiencing domestic abuse? We can help you.

Housing options

GreenSquare currently offers four routes into home ownership - shared ownership, r ...

Leaving your home

The things you need to do before handing your keys in

Newburn House

Accommodation for 16-24 year old women who are pregnant or have one young child

Owing money on a previous tenancy

What to do if you end your tenancy or when someone close passes away

Pest infestations

Pests you might find in your home and what you can do to get rid of them.


Waste Not Want Not recycles furniture and household goods in north Wiltshire

Unpaid rent - how to avoid court action

What you can do to avoid court action and what you need to do if action is taken

Water in your home

How to ensure your water stays as fresh as possible

What do I do if I need information in another language or format?

We want you to be able to access our information easily.

What is asbestos?

A guide to what asbestos is and what you can do if you find it in your home