Tenancy Standard

You can find details about the Tenancy Standard in the document below.

Tenancy Standard | GOV UK (PDF, 94KB)

How GreenSquareAccord meets the Tenancy Standard


  • Our allocation and lettings and tenancy policies and procedures aim to make the best use of available housing, and we offer advice and assistance to customers around options for moving.
  • A lettings audit in August 2019 gave substantial assurance that these policies and procedures are adhered to. This was presented to the Audit and Risk Committee in October 2019.
  • Local lettings plans and sensitive lettings plans have been successfully negotiated with our local authority partners.
  • We have signed up the National Housing Federation's ‘Commitment to Refer’. This is a particular protocol we will follow to refer customers to local authorities where their tenancy is at risk.
  • We work with partner agencies in the allocation of housing. This includes working with other agencies such as support workers and occupational therapists.

Mutual exchange

  • We subscribe to HomeSwapper, which is a national house swap website that our customers can access free of charge.
  • HomeSwapper is promoted on our website and information is given when we offer general housing options and advice.
  • We have published details on our website that explain the mutual exchange process to customers.
  • We offer advice around housing options and mutual exchanges, including how to apply through local authorities choice based lettings systems.


  • Our tenancy agreements meet applicable and statutory requirements. This was verified by legal partners in 2019.
  • We use Language Line and multilingual staff within the organisation, where appropriate, to translate tenancy agreements.
  • As per our tenancy policy, we will only grant fixed-term tenancies in regeneration areas. These properties are clearly advertised with this information on the local authority's choice based lettings system.
  • Where a fixed-term tenancy is coming to an end, we will offer advice and assistance on future housing options. A procedure is in place to guide staff to ensure that customers are supported through this process. Regular case reviews measure the effectiveness of this procedure.
  • Tenancy audits are carried out, and we investigate all reports or suspicions of fraud, abandoned properties and sub-letting.
  • Internal compliance audits have been undertaken with adequate assurance given. Some minor improvements were identified around the management of these which have incorporated into relevant procedures. (Last audit October 2019 report to A&RC December 2019).
  • Officers have a range of services to use to help customers to maintain their tenancy. This includes our specialist customer accounts teams as well as tenancy sustainment officers and housing support service.
  • We have continued to financially support debt and advice agencies across our operating area to help customers who are at risk of evictions.

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