Procurement, tenders, and contracts – working with GreenSquareAccord

GreenSquareAccord tenders contracts for a wide variety of works, services, and supplies through our Supplier eTendering Portal here. This helps us to reduce the cost of labour, services, and materials involved in the maintenance work, and streamlines and co-ordinates our procurement and contracting with the supplier community.

We are continually forming and developing relationships with suppliers and contractors of all sizes to procure a variety of goods and services. These range from basic commodities through to complex services critical to the delivery of our organisational aims – and good partnerships with suppliers are crucial to achieving our goals.

Our policy is always to work collaboratively with our suppliers to deliver value for money. Although price is important, we will always consider quality, safety, reliability, and after-sales support before choosing an appropriate partner to work with. While we recognise that large national providers can offer advantageous economies of scale, we also choose to work with many local small businesses and individual contractors that can equally deliver services that offer value for money.

We are committed to supporting our partners in working towards the principles outlined in GreenSquareAccord's procurement policy and procedures for buying goods, services, and works. The Suppliers Guide to the Tender Process has information about how and when to apply for GreenSquareAccord's contract opportunities.

Contracts Register

Our Contracts Register is available online at our Supplier eTender Portal, with details, contracts, and frameworks. These cover a wide range of services, providing information about the contracts themselves, contact names, start and expiry dates, and approximate contract values.

Electronic tendering

Visit our Supplier eTendering Portal to view the electronic tendering portal that GreenSquareAccord uses for its contract procurement activity and what contract opportunities we are currently advertising.

The Portal is quick and easy to use, making it an efficient way of working for both GreenSquareAccord and suppliers. By working together to procure construction materials and contractors for maintenance and investment programmes, we can ensure our investment goes beyond bricks and mortar, delivering benefits to our wider community.

Registration on the Portal is completely free, and, once this is completed, suppliers will be able to take part in tendering exercises with GreenSquareAccord, receive email alerts when an opportunity arises in categories of interest, and express interest in opportunities electronically. There is also an option for suppliers to register on the subscription Sell 2 site to maintain a supplier profile and access national and regional opportunities from a single registration.

The sending and receiving of documentation, questions and answers, and communicating will be done electronically using the system. It handles all aspects of the tender process including standard selection questionnaires, invitations to tender, and request for quotes.

Using the Supplier eTendering Portal, suppliers can register, login, download the documents, complete them electronically, then upload and submit them using the system – no more postage or courier charges or concerns whether documents have been received.

We recommend that any suppliers interested in doing business with GreenSquareAccord take the time to register now because this is our primary method of advertising and managing tenders.

Visit Contracts Finder to register for free and access contract opportunities across the UK public sector.

Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions for the purchase of goods and services for GreenSquareAccord can be viewed here.

Code of Conduct for Contractors

This can be viewed here. As external contractors are expected to ensure that their workforce, including sub-contractors, support and implement standard Codes of Conduct we would request that all potential suppliers of GreenSquareAccord sign and return the form below. The contractor’s help and co-operation in achieving the aims of this document is required for any collaboration going forward.

Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981

The primary legislation which protects animals, plants and habitats in the UK. More on this legislation can be found here.

Further information

For further information, please contact the Procurement Team by post or email at:

Procurement Team
Methuen Park
SN14 0GU

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