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27 Sep 2018

Happy residents move into new bungalows in Culverhay

Fourteen new homes have been completed in Culverhay, Cricklade as part of the second phase of GreenSquare’s regeneration project to breathe new life into the neighbourhood. Work began on phas...

21 Sep 2018

Triton Safeguard+ safety notice

We have been made aware of a potential safety issue with the Triton Safeguard+ shower. In a very small number of cases a part of the electronic circuit board of this shower may overheat, and this m...

18 Sep 2018

Competition winners have posters displayed on hoardings

Posters drawn by children at Priestley Primary School in Calne are being proudly displayed on the hoardings at GreenSquare's development site next to the school. In July, as part of the Considerate...

4 Sep 2018

Shared ownership provides valuable housing solution

The need for shared ownership has, arguably, never been greater. With house prices continuing to rise – they are now often more than 10 times the average salary – the last few years hav...

16 Aug 2018

Are you scam aware?

Do you know the difference between phishing and vishing? Would you be able to recognise a courier scam or an advance fee scam? How about spotting dodgy investment schemes or Microsoft scams? Scams ...