Boards and committees

GreenSquare's operating model is to have a main board and five committees – the audit and risk committee, development committee, customer service committee,  remuneration and people committee, and finance committee.

Find out more information about members of the GreenSquare Group Combined Board (GreenSquare Group Ltd, GreenSquare Community Housing, and Westlea Housing Association Limited) here.

The Customer Service Committee:

  • Gives its views on the corporate plan and ensures those matters that are important to residents are considered.
  • Gives its views on the level of risk that GreenSquare takes (its 'risk appetite') and identifies any risks for the Board's attention.
  • Gives its views on customer-facing strategies:

Asset Management and Regeneration – how we look after our homes and modernise older properties

Antisocial Behaviour – how we deal with those residents who cause a nuisance to others

Customer Experience  – the standard of customer service we provide and how and where we provide that service

Supported Housing – what services we provide to our vulnerable customers. The Committee also approves any large supported housing contracts that we enter into

Tenancy Sustainment – how we ensure that customers are able to successfully manage their tenancy, ensuring that they take advantage of help and assistance available

Communication – how we communicate with all stakeholders – customers, suppliers, and staff – in terms of information we share with them and how they give us their feedback.

  • Gives input on the budgets and recommends to the Board the level of rents and service charges.
  • Monitors performance at an operational level throughout the year, including how well we are doing with delivering the corporate plan and publishing an annual report to residents to tell them how GreenSquare is performing.
  • Looks at complaints we receive, what we have learnt from them, and how we can change our services in the future to avoid future complaints.


The Development Committee

  • Looks at the programme of new homes we develop – social, affordable, and homes for sale – and monitors performance in relation to the delivery of these homes.


The Finance Committee

  • Looks at GreenSquare’s financial performance and signs off annual accounts prior to presentation to the Board.
  • Recommends the budgets to the Board, after review by the Customer Services Committee.
  • Looks at the money we borrow to ensure that we are able to deliver the corporate plan and monitors any loans we have to ensure that we manage them in accordance with the loan agreement.


The Audit and Risk Committee:

  • Reviews the annual financial accounts, once reviewed by our external auditor for referral to the Board.
  • Agrees a programme of internal audit to review our internal controls and ensure that they are effective in managing our risks.
  • Receives individual audit reports from specialist consultants, identifies any weaknesses, and recommends changes to improve them.
  • Reviews the risk register and receives detailed reports on our top risks.


The Remuneration and People Committee:

  • Considers and approves our recruitment strategy.
  • Makes board member recruitment arrangements and agrees the skills required for each of the boards and committees.
  • Recommends any pay increases or changes in terms and conditions to the GreenSquare board.