Value For Money

Purpose of this statement: to articulate and demonstrate the delivery of a comprehensive and strategic approach to value for money in the achievement of our strategic objectives.

What is value for money?

In simple terms value for money is the relationship between effectiveness, economy and efficiency. Achieving value for money means that we can better deliver the aspirations in our corporate plan.

It is about making sure that the right service is being delivered at the right price.

GreenSquareAccord has the following six strategic objectives:

Valuing our customers

Our homes will be at a quality that we can be proud of, with services to match. When someone is looking for a great place to live, we want them to think about GreenSquareAccord first. We will have a good understanding of all our customers so that we can deliver what they need in a way that suits them.

Meeting housing and related needs

Our customers will include those looking for their first home right through to those who need a home that meets their support needs. We aim to protect the valuable social housing that we have. We will use our particular skills and resources to help provide support services to help people improve their lives.

Growth with a purpose

We will increase the number of new good-quality homes for affordable rent, purchase and shared ownership.

Every penny counts

By maximising opportunities, working smarter and increasing efficiency across the Group, we will have more resources to create more great places where people want to live.

Able to stand on our own

We will develop our commercial activities to make a profit to support our growth and add financial strength to the Group. We will carry out commercial activity to support our social purpose, never as an end in itself.

A great team

We will continue to develop a culture that encourages people to meet their potential and deliver excellent customer service.


Our value for money goals:

The achievement of value for money is explicit in our business plan for with specific goals identified to deliver key strategic objectives:

Every penny counts

  • Focus on working smarter and increasing efficiency through the transformation of our processes, structures, systems and technology.
  • Improve our approach to procurement to enable us to ‘buy better’.
  • Minimise the level of lost income through voids arrears, and bad debts.

Growth with a purpose

  • Strategically manage our assets (regeneration and strategic disposals) to maximise our ability to increase the number of good quality affordable homes.

And our values and culture are the key driver for achieving value for money at GreenSquareAccord:

All for one – we work as a team.
Do what it says on the tin – we get it right first time.
The things we could do – we actively look for ways to improve.
Boo to bureaucracy – we keep it simple.


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