Key performance targets

Our key performance measures are:


  • FAST is the way we measure customer satisfaction at GreenSquare. It stands for 'Feedback And Satisfaction Tracking'. We survey customers after they have used one of our services and ask them how satisfied they were with it; how easy it was to access; and what they think of the quality of their home. We use the feedback we get to help us decide what improvements we should make.
  • Rent collected: actual rent and service charge income from current and former tenants.
  • Rent lost due to homes being vacant: rent and service charges which could not be collected during the period due to empty dwellings.
  • EBITDA MRI is an acronym for earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortisation. MRI means major repairs included. This is an approximation of cash generated and shows the level of headroom on meeting interest payment on outstanding debt.
  • Reinvestment: this metric looks at the investment in properties (existing stock as well as new supply) as a percentage of the value of total properties held.
  • Liquidity: how long our current loan facility will last us before we need to borrow more money.