Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is the way in which an organisation behaves in respect of its social, environmental and economic responsibilities. It is about ensuring we run our business in an ethical and sustainable way.

CSR is not just a corporate phrase; it’s the way GreenSquare and its subsidiaries have always done business. We are committed to running our organisation in an ethical and socially responsible way to contribute positively to the communities in which we operate. This applies to all aspects of our business for our residents, staff, partners, suppliers, etc.

We are proud of our record in increasing the opportunities for people to thrive by building great homes, neighbourhoods and communities. Providing this to those on low incomes and those most at need is at the heart of our purpose – it is what we exist for.

However, we know that providing great places to a range of customers is also important. It means that both GreenSquare and the communities we serve will be more sustainable and healthy. It also allows us to provide more homes and opportunities in the future by making profits to reinvest.

We use our strength to make a wider contribution to society. We act as a force for social good – to make a difference.

We reinvest our profits not only to deliver our main aims but also to deliver a range of projects and services. These complement and add value to our wider community.

There is considerable day-to-day practice within GreenSquare that demonstrates our commitment to CSR.

For the community

At GreenSquare we work with our customers and a wide range of partners to contribute towards the creation and sustainment of cohesive and inclusive communities.

For the environment

We have embraced the principle of minimising our environmental impact and promote good environmental practice.

We promote sustainable methods of construction and maintenance and are working towards a renewable energy future. GreenSquare already uses renewable technologies and employs green technologies at selected developments.

We continuously review and improve our practices and performance, and achieved the Silver award in an external assessment of our commitment to sustainability.

With our partners

We aim to demonstrate that by recruiting, purchasing and investing in a considered way, we can help to build and maintain thriving communities. GreenSquare adopts an ethical approach to procurement without compromising value for money. We carry out our business transparently and fairly.

We operate a zero tolerance policy towards fraud, bribery, corruption, money laundering, modern slavery and human trafficking by our board members, employees, contractors, agents, and other associated persons.

We carry out due diligence checks on those supplying services for us. These checks have been strengthened in 2017/18 and will be reviewed again in the spring of 2019. We ensure all new suppliers provide their statement in respect of modern slavery and human trafficking, and money laundering, or sign up to ours.

If fraud, bribery, corruption, modern slavery, money laundering or human trafficking is uncovered, GreenSquare will take it seriously. We will take action, up to and including ceasing working with the supplier, and report any findings to the police, agents, and other associated persons, if appropriate. Such incidents could lead to the Group’s reputation being damaged, and also lead to deterioration in our relationship with customers, business colleagues, and other stakeholders.

With our people

We aim to be a good employer that people want to work for and to evidence that we value the contribution of those that do work for us.

GreenSquare promotes and values diversity and ensures opportunities for training and development so that talent is nurtured and rewarded. Our goal is to provide worthwhile, satisfying employment and development opportunities within a successful business.

Ruth Cooke
Chief Executive

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