GreenSquare Estates

An opportunity too good to miss: public open space – adopted for less, but providing more.

Here at GreenSquare Estates we have carefully developed a unique model for adopting and maintaining areas of open space, drainage features, and play areas. We have the capacity to deliver grounds maintenance services to schemes ranging from small rural exception sites to large scale, urban expansion schemes.

The model aims to provide both excellent customer relations through delivery of services to residents, but also a financially rewarding contractual agreement for Developers and House Builders, offering significant savings on the commuted sum required with traditional Local Authority adoption. The model also offers assurance of service delivery, in perpetuity, to Local Authorities and residents.

We offer an alternative approach to the traditional Management Company, adopting the freehold of the Public Open Spaces, in return for an annual, fixed in perpetuity, Estate Rent Charge. In addition, GreenSquare is able to assist in negotiations with Local Authorities to vary existing and historic Section 106 Agreements, to release significant cost savings to the developer. It has been our experience that negotiations with Local Authorities have proved more successful due to the GreenSquare Group being a Registered Provider, and our ability to demonstrate our longevity.

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