Help at Home

A handyman service for elderly and disabled GreenSquare customers

What is it?

We know that many residents have difficulty finding someone they can trust to carry out small DIY jobs, such as painting at an affordable price.

The Help at Home service covers those items that are not the responsibility of GreenSquare as your landlord. If you are not sure whether the job is GreenSquare’s responsibility, please check in your repairs book, on our website, or contact Customer Services.

What does the service do?

Here are some examples of the jobs the Help at Home service can help with:

  • Putting up shelves;
  • Building ‘flat pack’ furniture;
  • Replacing fluorescent light starters/tubes;
  • Repairing minor plaster faults and cracks;
  • Painting and decorating
  • Fixing hand rails and grab rails; and
  • Fitting curtain rails.

Who pays for the work?

You will be charged a subsidised labour charge and, where relevant, the cost for materials. To keep costs down, we will ask for full payment in advance of the work being done. We’ll set everything out in a quote for you – we offer a guarantee that we will keep to the original price for the work we quote, so you can be confident when you give us the go ahead for the work.

How do I apply?

Simply contact our Customer Services team on 01249 465 465 or and ask about the Help at Home service.

What happens next?

We’ll follow up your enquiry and, if required, make an appointment to come and see you. We will give you a quote for the work detailing the work that’s going to be done and what the overall cost will be. We will then offer you a start date and advise you on how long it will take. When the Help at Home tradesperson has completed the job, we will ask for feedback so you can let us know what you thought of the service.

To find out more

If you have questions about the Help at Home service and would like to find out more, please contact us.