Energy price comparison

You can find the cheapest tariff by using a price comparison site. You can use the internet or phone them. They offer a comprehensive service that compares your current supplier's tariffs and usage with those of all the major suppliers. They help you find the best deal and provide you with a free and easy-to-use switching service whether you have a credit or a pre-payment meter. Sites accredited by Consumer Focus include:

MoneySavingExpert Cheap Energy Club
Which? Switch 

To use these sites you will need to have the following information ready:

  • Your post code;
  • The name of your current supplier;
  • The tariff you are on (eg Standard Dual Fuel);
  • Your annual energy usage or costs. Suppliers now have to send you an annual statement with this information. If you keep this statement this information can be used to give you an accurate comparison.

You can also try Money Saving Expert Cheap Energy Club

If you are happy with your current supplier:

You can use a price comparison site or ring your supplier to check whether they have introduced a cheaper tariff. Make sure the terms and payment methods suit you. Contact your supplier with your meter readings (or use their website) and ask to move onto this tariff. This move should take effect from the date you requested it.

If you do decide to switch supplier:

  • First check whether your current tariff has any cancellation charges or is due to have an annual or quarterly discount applied to your account;
  • Get in touch with the new supplier, make sure you are happy with the contract terms, then sign the new deal with them;
  • Give your new supplier a meter reading on the day you change supplier (it's worth keeping this);
  • Pay the final bill from your old supplier.

The new supplier will manage the switch for youand this takes about 6-8 weeks.
If after signing the new contract you are unhappy about this decision, you have up to 7 working days to cancel the contract. Do check that both the new and old suppliers use your meter readings on their bills. Keep the new contract terms.

It's worth checking the price comparison sites at least once a year to make sure you still have a good deal on your gas and electricity.

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