Cut your bills

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Cut your electricity and gas bills by:

  • Paying by direct debit can save about £60 compared to paying by cheque or cash.
  • If you have an e-mail account and internet access, you will be able to save money on your energy bills by moving to an online tariff. It is possible to use the computer at your local library, if you don't have the internet at home.
  • With an online tariff, the supplier e-mails you for a meter reading which you input on the suppliers website. This means your bills will be based on actual readings rather than an estimate from your supplier
  • When the bill is ready, your supplier won't post it to you. You have to log onto the supplier's website and can view/ print it from there.
  • For the cheapest on-line tariffs you pay monthly by direct debit.

If your energy use is low, you'll be using around 2,100 KWhs of electricity and 11,000 KWhs of gas per year, with the cheapest tariffs costing around £700.

If your energy use is high, you'll be using around 5,100 KWhs of electricity and 23,000 KWhs of gas a year, with the cheapest tariffs costing around £1400.

Keep and check the contract terms for your new deal because some have a fixed term or the tariff may change on a set date. Most of the cheapest tariffs shown in the table have a deal that runs for a specified time, after which you will be moved onto another (usually more expensive) tariff. So put this date in your diary and make sure you do another comparison check on this date.