Affordable warmth

Affordable warmth means that a household is able to afford to heat their home to the level required for their comfort and health. The lack of affordable warmth is known as “fuel poverty”.

Fuel poverty in England is now measured using the Low Income High Costs indicator.
Under the Low Income High Costs definition, a household is considered to be fuel poor if:

  • they have required fuel costs that are above average (the national median level)
  • were they to spend that amount, they would be left with a residual income below the official poverty line.

Fuel poverty not only contributes to poor health, but also adds to financial hardship and reduces the quality of life for people. Fuel poverty is a particular issue for households on low income or who live in older or poor quality homes with inadequate thermal insulation and/or inefficient and uneconomic heating systems.

The use of a key meter will incur high unit prices and standing charges and we advice against them.

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