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Domestic abuse

If you are being threatened or abused by someone you know, we provide a range of services in Wiltshire and Gloucestershire that can help.

What is domestic abuse?

You may be being abused by someone you have a relationship with or have had a relationship with in the past. This includes:

  • your husband, wife, or partner
  • your parents or step-parents
  • other family members (for example, grandparents, in-laws, brothers, or sisters)
  • your children.

Abuse may not always be physical it can also be:

  • verbal abuse
  • threats
  • sexual abuse
  • stopping you having contact with your friends or family
  • taking away your money
  • damaging your home or belongings.

Emergency HELP

If you are in immediate danger telephone the police on 999 for assistance and let them know that it is a domestic abuse situation

Non-emergency Help

If you want to leave but are safe at this time, or if you need advice and would just like to talk about the situation you are in, you can contact our services in Wiltshire and Gloucester on the numbers below:

North Wiltshire Refuges - 01249 714873
Gloucestershire Domestic Abuse Support Service - 0845 602 9035

Other Areas

If you are looking for support in another area, you can call the National Domestic Violence Helpline (24 hours) on 0808 2000 247 or visit the Women's Aid website who have a services in your area page.

You can also talk to any of the other organisations listed in our leaflets.

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