House Leaseholders

If you live in a house, it is your responsibility to carry out all the repairs to your house and grounds, and you are also responsible for the maintenance.

We may be responsible for organising work to boundary walls or fences, access roads, drains and services. If that is the case, you may be legally responsible for some of the costs of any work we carry out. Please see your lease for this information. Please remember that if you ask us to carry out any work that you are responsible for, you will have to pay us.

All newly built houses will have a building warranty with NHBC or Zurich. The warranty is for 10 years from the date that the building was finished, which will be before the date you moved in. If you make a claim to NHBC, you will have to pay an excess, and you must read the information your solicitor gives you.

There may be other warranties or guarantees for items such a windows and doors, for example if they are faulty or if they break. You will have to contact the manufacturers direct.

We arrange the buildings insurance for your property.