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21 October 2015
A successful prosecution was obtained yesterday at court in Weston-Super-Mare in the shape of an Unlawful Profit Order (UPO) against a former tenant at Oak Close, Calne. He moved out of his flat and rented it for profit to a local couple. Following an anonymous tip off and background investigations, the resident was interviewed and surrendered the property. He attended the court hearing and continued to protest his innocence. The Judge ruled in favour of GreenSquare, quoting words given in our oral evidence – “houses are a valuable commodity and the abuse of social housing is a growing concern which must be acted on”. The Judge was very supportive of all our actions and awarded the UPO, ordering the ex-resident to pay £718.77 plus £140 costs within 21 days.

7 October 2015
An injunction order was successfully obtained at Chippenham County Court yesterday to prevent on-going nuisance being caused by dogs, drug use, and the operation of a brothel in Cricklade.

7 October 2015
On 18 September, an access injunction was obtained on a property in Chippenham so that a gas safety check could be conducted. However when we attended the property with Ultrawarm, we could not enter because of a fly infestation, noxious odours, and rotting food and rubbish filling the flat. The tenant attended our offices by request within the hour and admitted to not living at the property and terminated her tenancy. The flat will now be recovered and will soon be occupied by a genuine tenant.

8 September 2015
A 7-year court order for suspended possession was obtained yesterday at Swindon County Court against a Swindon tenant who allowed his mother to set up a brothel in his flat. The court also awarded two new Crime and Policing Act injunction orders, which will last indefinitely, against the tenant and his mother.

22 July 2015
An Injunction Order with power of arrest was granted to GreenSquare last week for a tenant at The Lawns, Royal Wootton Bassett. It forbids him from using Cannabis and from terrorising his neighbours by banging on his ceiling.

22 July 2015
An access Injunction Order was served on a tenant in Corsham on Monday to allow access for gas safety checks now and in the future. The County Court District Judge was happy to grant the order last week and any failures to allow access to GreenSquare in future could result in the tenant going to prison.

18 May 2015
GreenSquare has obtained its first Injunction Order under the new 'Crime and Policing Act 2014'. The order was granted against a former tenant who continued to threaten, bully, and harass two young tenants in Calne.

29 April 2015
We've just received full payment of court and bailiff costs from a person evicted for antisocial behaviour. It very rarely happens that we are able recoup these costs.

11 March 2015
Following an anonymous tip off about a property in Chippenham being fraudulently sub-let, the tenant was tracked down at her place of work. When challenged, she admitted moving into a private let and charging a market rent to her sub-tenants (who were also causing antisocial behaviour). She agreed to evict her sub-tenants immediately in order to avoid prosecution and surrender her tenancy. The property has now been recovered and will be let to a family in genuine need of a home. Thanks to the Chippenham housing team for their vigilance and reporting the information to me so quickly and many thanks to staff for providing moral support in locating the tenant in what was a highly challenging situation.

25 March 25 2015
After receiving an anonymous tip off and several weeks of intense investigations, another fraudulently sub-let property has been successfully recovered today. The keys were surrendered this morning following a formal interview conducted with the tenant last week during which he confessed to sub-letting the whole of the property and accepting payments from his sub-tenants. This lovely new build property will soon be available to people in legitimate need of an affordable home.

24 February 2015
We have now recovered a property in Chippenham following the fastest ever possession proceedings for ASB. Notice was served on 7 January and the possession order was granted on 6 February.

13 March 2015
Visited a tenant on Wednesday who hadn't been seen for quite some time, and whose property was being taken over by brambles, and was possibly an abandoned property. Inside we found a very vulnerable gentleman with mental health issues living in appalling conditions. He's had a fire, there was a bad leak and puddles on the floor, and mounds of rubbish everywhere that he had been hoarding. He had no heating and no safe electrics. The property was completely uninhabitable and one of the worst we had ever seen. The Chippenham housing team are arranging for him to stay elsewhere while they find him some extra help and support but he's in desperate need of household items to replace all the things that have been destroyed or deteriorated. Staff have kindly donated several items.

10 December 2014
A GreenSquare property not being lived in and used to grow Cannabis has been recovered this week in Corsham following partnership working with the local police who found a cannabis growing operation in a private property next door. The keys were handed back on Sunday.

31 October 2014
Another sub-let property recovered today in Chippenham where there was antisocial behaviour and damage.

Case studies

We always publicise the enforcement action that we take through the Web site and other media. These are a selection of recent cases managed by our antisocial behaviour team and we hope you will find them interesting.

Case study 1

In November 2013, a Gloucester man was arrested for conspiracy to supply Class A drugs in the town. Some drugs were also recovered from his address – a GreenSquare property. A Notice was served to end the Starter Tenancy and an appeal hearing was held in June 2014. The man, who had been on remand in prison, was facing criminal charges to which he had pleaded not guilty. In August 2014 he was found guilty of conspiracy to supply drugs and was given a six-year prison sentence. An application was made to the Court for possession of the property. The claim for possession was defended by the man’s partner and three Court Hearings took place between October and December 2014. A possession order was obtained at the final Hearing in December 2014. An eviction took place in February 2015 because the tenant’s partner had not left by 23 January – the date ordered by the Court.

Case study 2

In March 2014, Swindon Police contacted GreenSquare about a tenant who had allowed a number of young people into his address where he and they caused a nuisance to other local residents by drinking, which led to rowdy behaviour including a number of fights. Several of his visitors were well known to the police and local Council. GreenSquare neighbourhood staff and ASB Team staff encouraged the tenant to end his association with the young people. When the police reported an increase in nuisance, ASB Team staff applied to the Court for an Injunction to prevent him from allowing a list of named individuals from visiting his address. The Injunction was backed by the power of arrest. ASB staff worked with the police to monitor the Injunction, which stopped much of the nuisance, but the tenant continued to allow the nuisance visitors into his property. When the Injunction was breached for the second time in July 2014, the tenant faced a prison sentence. The tenant didn’t want to go to prison so he surrendered his tenancy and moved away from the area. There has been no further trouble since his tenancy ended.