Antisocial behaviour, nuisance, and tenancy breaches

Antisocial behaviour causes you to feel alarmed, harassed, annoyed, or distressed. This type of behaviour can include:

  • Noisy neighbours and loud parties
  • Hate crime, including racist or homophobic abuse
  • Damage to property, vandalism, and grafitti
  • Threatening, drunken, and rowdy behaviour
  • Abandoned cars on the street
  • Behaviour that creates alarm or fear
  • Harassment and intimidating behaviour.

Antisocial behaviour can make you, your family, and the wider community, feel unsafe.

Low-level antisocial behaviour and tenancy breaches will be investigated and addressed by your housing officer in the first instance.

When a serious incident occurs, or tenants have failed to respond to warnings given about their conduct by the housing officers, the Tenancy Enforcement team may become involved.

The Tenancy Enforcement team will assess a case to see whether more formal action is required. They will then take the necessary steps needed to resolve the problem.

Eviction is the ultimate enforcement of tenancy breaches but it is always treated as a last resort. Incremental steps are usually used until the nuisance stops, but if the incident is very serious then swift action will be taken, which may lead to a person losing their home. We also use services such as mediation and restorative justice to resolve anti social behaviour problems in communities.

Who can you report the problems to?

If you feel safe to do so, you could try talking to the people who are causing the problem. They may not realise that they are causing a nuisance.

If you feel unable to approach your neighbour, you may like to download our pre-printed letter.

Be aware that, if the person (or persons) causing the problem is not a GreenSquare tenant, we will have fewer powers, although we can signpost you to the agency that may be able to help.


Recent quotes from users of our ASB service:
"Was pleased, very pleased"
"Much better living here now it's resolved"
"Very grateful for ASB team's help"

Click here to download our antisocial behaviour incident log.

Click here to download nuisance monitoring sheet.

 Community Trigger

The Community Trigger is a process you can use to ask agencies to review their response to antisocial behaviour or hate incidents that you have reported.

For Oxford, click here (with activation requests sent to (

For Wiltshire, click here.

For Gloucestershire, click here.


ASB charter for housing