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Resident Scrutiny Panel

In May 2016 the GreenSquare Board conducted a review of the Resident Scrutiny Panel (RSP) and revisited the working model. We wanted to explore a way in which we could strengthen membership as well as the quality of the Inquiries. Our new arrangements are:

The role of the Panel is to:

  • Scrutinise the work of GreenSquare, and all its subsidiaries and provide a residents’ view about service, performance and business direction.
  • Work with officers, residents and the Customer Service Committee to set an annual programme of service reviews for the GreenSquare Group.

The Panel is a sub-committee of the Customer Services Committee and is supported by the Neighbourhoods team.  Membership comprises four permanent, paid members and is supplemented by customers and community representatives who wish to take part in particular Inquiries for a limited period of time.

The proposed key operating principles are:

  • The RSP, Customer Service Committee, or any other Committee or Board of the GreenSquare Group, or Officers can identify a subject for an RSP Inquiry.
  • The Customer Service Committee will hold ultimate authority for approving the subject and scope of a proposed Inquiry.
  • The outcome of any Inquiry will be reported to the Customer Service Committee. If the subject matter is relevant to another Committee, it will then be reported on to the relevant meeting.
  • There will be a core of four members who will be remunerated.
  • Each Inquiry will seek additional casual members from either the resident or community population to support any particular Inquiry being undertaken. These members will not be remunerated and will be members of the RSP only for the duration of the Inquiry of their choice. In accordance with our Customer Engagement Strategy these members can be thanked through the token of a gift voucher or similar method.
  • The RSP will move to daytime meetings and will be facilitated by the Neighbourhood team.