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Resident Scrutiny Panel

In May 2016 the GreenSquare Board conducted a review of the Resident Scrutiny Panel (RSP) and revisited the working model. We wanted to explore a way in which we could strengthen membership as well as the quality of the Inquiries. Our new arrangements are:

The role of the Panel is to:

  • Scrutinise the work of GreenSquare, and all its subsidiaries and provide a residents’ view about service, performance and business direction.
  • Work with officers, residents and the Customer Service Committee to set an annual programme of service reviews for the GreenSquare Group.

The Panel is a sub-committee of the Customer Services Committee and is supported by the Neighbourhoods team.  Membership comprises four permanent, paid members and is supplemented by customers and community representatives who wish to take part in particular Inquiries for a limited period of time.

The proposed key operating principles are:

  • The RSP, Customer Service Committee, or any other Committee or Board of the GreenSquare Group, or Officers can identify a subject for an RSP Inquiry.
  • The Customer Service Committee will hold ultimate authority for approving the subject and scope of a proposed Inquiry.
  • The outcome of any Inquiry will be reported to the Customer Service Committee. If the subject matter is relevant to another Committee, it will then be reported on to the relevant meeting.
  • There will be a core of four members who will be remunerated.
  • Each Inquiry will seek additional casual members from either the resident or community population to support any particular Inquiry being undertaken. These members will not be remunerated and will be members of the RSP only for the duration of the Inquiry of their choice. In accordance with our Customer Engagement Strategy these members can be thanked through the token of a gift voucher or similar method.
  • The RSP will move to daytime meetings and will be facilitated by the Neighbourhood team.




The Resident Scrutiny Panel exists to examine the work of GreenSquare. They form a crucial part of GreenSquare’s approach to Co-regulation where we actively work with our residents to ensure we continue to deliver great services.

The Resident Scrutiny Panel is very conscious that they work on behalf of all the residents of the GreenSquare Group. It is therefore very important that all residents understand what they do, how well they do it and are able to influence what work is carried out. The Panel have written a Service Statement that captures what they will do and how you can have a say.

Click here to download the Service Statement.

Can I get involved?
Who are they?
What do they do?
Sounds a lot of work?
How does a typical inquiry work?

Can I get involved?

Any resident can become a member so if you are interested please do give us a call. You can come along and observe the meetings and talk to members of the Panel. If you would like to join the Panel we usually run two or three recruitment rounds a year, which comprises of an informal interview and a group exercise, nothing too difficult!  
You can also help with Inquiries. If you have an idea for an Inquiry subject then please do contact us and let us know. If you have a particular interest in an area of work then you could also help with a particular Inquiry if perhaps you feel that membership of the Panel might be too much.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, if you have any questions then please do contact us, you can email us using the contact form here. We can arrange for you either to talk to the Chair or another Panel Member about what is involved. Or you can just come and watch a meeting, we’re sure you will find it interesting.

Who are they? 

The Resident Scrutiny Panel is entirely resident led and can have up to twelve members. We aim to make the Panel as representative of all our residents as we can. We operate a Portfolio system whereby if you wish you can elect to take on a ‘Portfolio’. This means that you will either have, or will develop, a particular interest in an area of work, for example Customer Service or Repairs. If you are a member of the Panel and take on a portfolio we will pay you £2,000 per year.

What do they do? 

Their work falls under three key headings:

  • Monitoring – this means looking at how we are performing – so seeing how many repairs have been completed on time or how long it took to answer a call. You will also get to see short reports that detail how many complaints have been received and what common problems are as well as other relevant reports. In fact, we have a very ‘open’ policy, and you can ask to see practically any report or paper, the only exclusion would be reports that contain personal data.
  • Scrutiny – the Panel can ask to review any decision taken or to have an in-depth look at any aspect of our service. Recently the Panel have carried out Inquiries into Financial Inclusion, Anti Social Behaviour and Services for Vulnerable Residents. All reports are published here on our website so we would encourage you to read them. How a standard Inquiry works is detailed at the end.
  • Continuous Improvement – being on the Panel is a bit like being a ‘Watchdog’ where you might spot areas of the service that you think could be done better. We gather all these ideas up and produce an annual Continuous Improvement Programme detailing all these and who will look at them and when.

Sounds a lot of work? 

It is fair to say that the Panel members really enjoy what they do. One of the panel members, Keith Fellows, who chairs the monthly meetings, says "All of the panel members find the work interesting and very rewarding. It's good to play a part in an organisation so committed to resident involvement and which takes the views of their customers seriously." The Panel meets most months, apart from August and December. The meetings are held in Swindon and run from 6.30pm until 8.30pm. We will pay for all reasonable expenses to help you attend the meetings, this includes travel and childcare.

There is some work to do between meetings, perhaps reading and commenting on papers. This is done electronically through the use of our own discussion forums. If you don’t have access to a computer or have an internet service provider again we can help you with that.

How does a typical inquiry work? 

  1. The first step is to identify the subject for review. This will come from all the monitoring information, survey work and customer feedback that you will look at. The Panel feels it is important that there is a clear link between feedback received and the final subject chosen.
  2. A Panel Member will then be asked to write a short note that describes in more detail the area for review. This says what will be looked at, and also importantly, what won’t be looked at. This is then agreed by the Panel.
  3. The Panel will then start to gather information. They may commission a survey of residents, or ask the Resident Inspectors to go and look at something. They will ask Staff to come to a meeting and explain how something currently works and ask questions to help them build up a picture of the issue.
  4. They might also look at what other organisations are doing in the same areaand they hold a budget that allows them to ask a consultant to do some work for them as well.
  5. There will then often be two meetings where this information is looked at again, more questions askedand a view will start to emerge.
  6. The Panel will then agree what they would like to happen differently going forward and will write a short report with recommendations.
  7. The staff of GreenSquare will get a first look at this and will discuss the recommendations and write their response to the suggestions made.
  8. Both sets of information are then presented to the GreenSquare Board who will make the final decision about a plan of action.
  9. All actions are monitored and reported back to the Panel.


If you have an idea for a future inquiry/review, click here to let us know.