Greenview is our easy-to-use website where residents can fill in monthly surveys and take part in forum chats and quick polls to earn points - and points mean prizes!

You get one point for completing a quick poll, two points for contributing to a forum discussion, and ten points for completing a Greenview survey. Once you've earned over 100 points, you will be entered into an annual prize draw to win a cash prize.

And from April 2016, people who take part in a Greenview survey have the chance to win a cash prize EVERY month!

To be entered into the draw, all you have to do is make sure your completed survey is received by the closing date – which is always the last day of the month.

The prizes are:
1 prize of £100
2 prizes of £50
2 prizes of £25

You can register by going to

The welcome screen will ask you to register (it says, "Click here to register"). You'll then be taken to a differnet screen and asked to fill in your details. You then press the "Register" button. We'll confirm that you're a GreenSquare resident and then email you telling you that you can login and start using the page.

Next time you see the welcome screen, you can fill in your username and password (which you will have chosen when you registered) and go straight to the page.