GreenSquare has been about a lot more than just bricks and mortar for a long time now – but our commitment to helping create better, stronger neighbourhoods, and improving the quality of life for residents, has never been stronger.

And we know how much more we can do by working with others than we could alone.

Work in partnership
At GreenSquare, we know we can find creative, long-term solutions to problems by working in partnership with voluntary and community organisations, the private sector, not-for-profit charities and most importantly the communities themselves.

Stick around
The issues we deal with cannot be solved overnight and we welcome the resources and expertise of different organisations to achieve the best results for our communities. GreenSquare invests in innovative approaches to tackle complex issues. We prefer to stick around than to offer a ‘quick fix’ that might not last.

See the bigger picture
Working in partnership means that we can look objectively at what we are doing. This helps us to avoid duplication and confusion and to identify how things can be done better. We can share results through our website, networking events, local community activities, resident conference and our annual impact statement.

Include and communicate
We work with local communities, we listen and learn from their experiences, and we are committed to building relationships with residents to share ideas.

Blackbird Leys Community Development Initiative
The CDI is also funded by a National Lottery grant. It has two sections:

  • The Clockhouse Project which works with residents aged 50+ through activities chosen and developed by older people themselves.  For more information please contact Sally Meachim 395908.
  • The Youth Project which provides an exciting range of positive opportunities for young people in Blackbird Leys.  For more information please contact Marsha Jackson 395927.

Community Clean-up Days
Greensquare uses Aasvogel skips for their community clean-up days. Aasvogel have been working with GreenSquare/OCHA since 2008. By operating their own waste transfer station Aasvogel are able to achieve more than 80% recycling of waste, which enables the CCUDs to be very effective in recycling.

Community Clean-up Days are also done in partnership with other housing associations and local authorities. 

For more information on Community Clean-up Days or skip hire please contact Lew Fryer 01865 788753/

Project Inspire Credits - with Youth Action Wiltshire
Project Inspire Credits for Young People is an exciting volunteering scheme for young GreenSquare residents aged 12 to 16 living in the Hill Rise area of Chippenham, delivered by Youth Action Wiltshire. The project works by giving young people an opportunity to volunteer in a wide range of activities that will benefit others and the young people themselves. Volunteering opportunities include Mountain Bike Mechanics, Woodwork Skills, Sports Coaching, Conservation Volunteering, First Aid and D of E Taster sessions amongst others.

In return for volunteering, the young people earn themselves credits which can be saved towards individual goals, such as swimming lessons, gym membership or for reward trips that are organised by Project Inspire staff. Reward trips include Mountain Biking, Rifle Shooting, Quad Biking, Power Boating, High Ropes sessions and other fun activities. Credits for Young People aims to give young people theopportunity to learn, meet new people, develop skillsand confidence alongside earning credits that they can spend on fun reward trips or something that will improve their health and wellbeing.

For more information please contact Rob Guy on 0750 2299300 or

Financial Inclusion - with CAB Wiltshire
Wiltshire Citizens Advice provides free, confidential advice to everyone. GreenSquare and Wiltshire Citizens Advice have a dedicated service for all GreenSquare residents and employees.

Our caseworkers can advise and help you with benefit and debt problems. We can check that you are receiving all the benefits you are entitled to and advise on appealing any benefit decisions. We can give free debt advice and deal with creditors on your behalf.

Our ‘Money Friends’ can support you in managing your household budget. We can help you open a new basic bank account and to start saving. We can help you make savings on your gas, electricity and water bills. We can help you make charitable applications if appropriate.

Contact us on 01249 445115 Ext. 3 (there is a 24-hour answerphone) or email