Value For Money statement

There is a compelling drive to deliver value for money at GreenSquare. There are some areas where we have continued to improve and also some areas where we have identified that we need to do better and that we have plans to tackle. The value for money statement seeks to achieve two overriding objectives:

  • To outline our value for money performance; and
  • To outline the Board’s way forward for value for money, and what decisions it has already taken to raise performance in this area.

The contents of this statement fall into five areas:

  • Our long term aspirations
  • Managing and monitoring value for money
  • Our performance to date including benchmarking and the social and financial return we achieve from our assets, and value for money achievements
  • The Board’s way forward – driving more value for money
  • How the Board gains assurance that we are doing what we say we are.

Click here to read the full 2016 report.