Return On Investment


Our estate clean-up days not only make the place cleaner and tidier, but we’re able to recycle or recover about 80 percent of the material collected. Plus they attracted £3000 of investment from partners.

GreenSquare has dedicated teams that support residents who are in arrears or might get into arrears – helping those residents to keep their tenancies. This also helps to reduce mental health problems and helps the wider community.

Our award-winning Energy Advisors work with residents who are at risk of fuel poverty, and they’ve saved those residents a massive £385,000 per annum.

The GreenSquare Academy helps train and further the skills of residents. Over 120 residents took part this past year and 44 of them completed courses with formal qualifications.

We work collaboratively with other agencies. For example an investment of £150,000 in Wiltshire CAB helped 491 of residents with debt and benefit issues of £717,000.