Key performance targets

By 2020, GreenSquare aspires to be a ‘top quartile’ performer. That means that when comparing key performance measures with similar housing providers, it will by 2020 be in the top 25% for all comparative measures of satisfaction and service delivery performance.

These are also the performance measures taken into account when deciding the annual ‘sharing success lump sum’ payment, payable when key Group performance targets are met or exceeded.

The Board has agreed a ‘Sharing Success’ formula to be applied should we meet some, but not all five, targets. This means £150 will be paid for each target met, with an additional £250 if all five targets are met.

Our five key performance measures are:

Quarter 1
Quarter 2
Quarter 3
Target to meet
by 2020
Customer satisfaction with GreenSquare as their landlord 86% 82.76% 81.16 78.86 88%
Customer satisfaction with the quality of their home 78% 79.14% 79.14% 79.65% 85%
Rent lost due to homes being vacant as a percentage of the annual rent roll (all tenures) 1% 0.9% 1.10% 1.05% 0.81%
Operating margin (RP only) 25% 27.9% 32.40% 28.30% 27%
Group management cost per unit £1,077 £1,088 £1,013 £1,028 £1,030