Customer Charter

Our service standards – what you can expect from us

Our values are what guide our actions:
Delivering – doing what we say we will
Including – involving and valuing customers
Pioneering – being open to new and better ways of doing things

Our vision is our ambition for future results. We will stand out from the other providers of affordable homes in our area because:

  • our customers are more satisfied with the quality of their homes and the services we provide;
  • we have significantly increased the number of good-quality, affordable homes in Gloucestershire, Wiltshire and Oxfordshire; and
  • we lead the way in making a difference in thriving, resilient communities where people can flourish and achieve their potential.

We value our customers and are committed to providing you with great service – you are at the heart of everything we do.

Our services are available to everyone who needs them, whatever their sex, race, age, disability, sexuality, culture or beliefs. We are committed to promoting equality and diversity (that is, valuing people’s differences) and getting rid of discrimination.

This charter sets out our service standards which make up our promise to you and show the level of customer service that you can expect when you contact us.

In all of our contact with you we will:

  • be positive, realistic and honest (if we do not know something, we will tell you and always get back to you when we do know);
  • help manage your expectations, especially when we are unable to provide exactly what you have asked for;
  • aim to deal with most enquiries straight away;
  • respect your individual needs and tailor our services to meet them whenever possible;
  • not make assumptions;
  • consider and understand how our services affect you and adapt our behaviour to the circumstances;
  • put things right as soon as possible if they have gone wrong; and
  • make sure that you can easily contact us in a variety of ways, including by phone, by email, through our website, by visiting us and by letter.

When you phone us

We will:

  • aim to answer your call within 20 seconds and tell you who we are;
  • respond to your voicemails within one working day;
  • always be polite and respectful;
  • give you an opportunity to be heard;
  • ask some questions to check that we are talking to the right person;
  • give you access to a translation service if needed; and
  • call you back on a number of your choice.

When you write to us

We will:

  • reply to your emails and any contact you have made through our website and social media within two working days and your letters within five working days;
  • provide you with a contact name, a phone number and email address in our response so you can contact us if you have any questions;
  • reply to you using clear and plain language, avoiding jargon; and
  • if you ask us to, provide our response in large print, Braille or another language if you don’t understand English.

When you visit us

We will:

  • provide a comfortable reception that is easily accessible for everyone;
  • welcome you in a polite and friendly way;
  • respect your privacy when we discuss matters with you in our reception area;
  • provide space for private interviews;
  • see you within 10 minutes of your appointment time;
  • help you fill in housing forms if you need us to;
  • provide access to the internet if you need it;
  • give you access to a translation service if needed;
  • provide a hearing loop facility if necessary; and
  • display useful, up-to-date information, including leaflets about our services and office opening hours.

When we visit you

We will:

  • carry our official GreenSquare identity cards and show them to you – don’t let anyone in if you are unsure of their identity and call us for advice;
  • arrange visits at a time and place that is convenient for both you and us;
  • always respect you, your home and your customs (for example, removing or covering shoes before coming into your home);
  • let you know when we will do any repair work that you report to us;
  • tell you as soon as possible if we are unable to attend an appointment and offer you a new time; and
  • leave a card if you are out when we visit, telling you how you can contact us.

Equality and diversity

We will:

  • provide services that are equally accessible to all our customers and that are fair and free from discrimination;
  • arrange for an interpreter to be available or provide a translation if you need one;
  • try to provide information about our services in the best possible format for you, including large print, Braille and other languages; and
  • keep your personal details confidential.

Complaints, comments and suggestions

We will:

  • welcome feedback and complaints – if you are not receiving the level of service we promise you, tell us immediately so we can put it right;
  • take all customer complaints seriously and aim to sort these out on the spot;
  • refer you to the best person to deal with your complaint if we cannot put it right straight away;
  • share your compliments with staff to encourage good practice; and
  • use the feedback you give us to improve our services.

What we need from you

We want to be able to help you as quickly and efficiently as possible when you contact us and we can do this with your help.

You should:

  • give us your name, address and date of birth or password (depending on what you are contacting us about) when you contact us;
  • answer any further security and relevant questions we may have to help us identify who you are and deal with your query;
  • make sure that you have all relevant letters and other documents available;
  • tell us if your contact details change;
  • tell us about any change in your circumstances that may affect the services we provide for you or if you would like us to contact you in a particular way;
  • contact us if you do not understand or are unhappy with any of the information we have sent you;
  • let us know if you have a complaint or concern and how you would like us to resolve it for you;
  • consider avoiding our busiest times (Monday morning and lunchtimes) if you are phoning us about something which isn’t urgent;
  • report any emergency repairs immediately – we have out-of-hours services that mean we can help you with these at any time;
  • keep any appointment that has been made and tell us as soon as possible if you cannot attend; and
  • treat us with courtesy and respect – we will not accept offensive, aggressive, or violent language or behaviour.