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Standards for empty homes on relet

We want it to be as easy and worry-free as possible for you to move into your new home.

Before you move in, we will check the property to make sure that there are no structural problems (for example, a leaking roof, or damp) and that it is clean, safe and secure. This includes looking for asbestos and removing it if necessary. We may also do some non-urgent or specialist work after you have moved in. We will inspect the property to make sure that your home meets the following standards.

Walls, ceilings and floors

  • The walls and ceilings are in a reasonable condition and ready for you to paint or wallpaper.
  • The floors are ready for you to put down your own floor covering.
  • The kitchen floor is tiled or covered with lino.
  • The bathroom floor is tiled or covered with lino, unless it is a wooden floor in a good enough condition to leave bare.

Doors and windows

All outside doors have working locks and keep out the weather.

  • There are two sets of keys for the front door and at least one for the back door, as well as a key for the main building if you live in a flat.
  • There is a door in each inside doorway, unless it has been removed to improve circulation or to create a larger working space.
  • The windows are secure and open and close easily.
  • The keys for the windows are in the property (in most cases).


  • The staircase is safe and stable.
  • There is at least one handrail on the stairs.


  • The gas supply and any heating appliances (such as gas fires) have been checked to make sure they are safe, and you receive a gas safety certificate before your tenancy starts.
  • The electricity system is working safely and you receive a safety certificate before your tenancy starts.
  • The smoke detectors are working properly.
  • All boilers meet the standards set down by law.
  • There are no leaks or blockages in the drains or cold-water supply.
  • The chimney is clear if there is an open fire.


  • There are no leaks.
  • All sinks and baths have a plug and chain.
  • Stop taps are working, and are easy to turn on and off.
  • The sanitaryware (for example, the bath and toilet) is clean, doesn’t have limescale, and is working properly.


  • The units and worktops are in reasonable condition.
  • There are at least two rows of splashback tiles around the worktops.
  • There is space for a small fridge and cooker.
  • There is plumbing for a washing machine, where there is room.


  • There is at least one row of splashback tiles around the sink.
  • There are at least two rows of tiles around the bath, or tiles to ceiling height where there is a shower.
  • There is an extractor fan, unless there is a window.

Outside your home

  • The windows and doors on your garage or shed (if you have one) are working properly.
  • The garden is clear and tidy, ready for you to look after.
  • Any paths leading to your doors are safe to walk on (where they are on land that belongs to the property).

Cleaning and decorating

  • The walls, floors, cupboards, surfaces and the inside of the windows are clean.
  • There are no problems with insects, damp, or mould.
  • The person who lived there before has not left any belongings in the property (we will remove them if they have, unless they are useful items like carpets and curtains which you may want).
  • Woodwork such as skirting boards, doors and windows is repaired and ready for you to decorate.

If your home needs only a light clean, you can choose to do this yourself, and we will give you some money towards cleaning materials. When you move in, we will agree with you whether you need to decorate, and give you B&Q vouchers to help with the cost of doing this.