Passionate about great places to live

Corporate plan

Passionate about great places to live

Chief executive Howard Toplis introduces GreenSquare's corporate plan for 2015-2025 (including our mission, values, and vision).

Our mission

Our mission is to increase the opportunities for people to thrive by building great homes and communities. Providing this to those on low incomes and those most at need is at the heart of our purpose – it is what we exist for. 

However, we know that providing great places to a range of customers is also important. It means that both GreenSquare and the communities we serve will be more sustainable and healthy. It also allows us to provide more homes and opportunities in the future by making profits to reinvest. 

We use our strength to make a wider contribution to society. We act as a force for social good – to make a difference. We reinvest our profits not only to deliver our main aims but also to deliver a range of projects and services. These complement and add value to our wider community.

Our values

Our values are what guide our actions. 

  • Delivering – doing what we say we will.
  • Including – involving and valuing customers. 
  • Pioneering – being open to new and better ways of doing things.

Our vision

Our vision is our ambition for future results.

GreenSquare will stand out from the other providers of affordable homes in our area because:

  • Our customers are more satisfied with the quality of their homes and the services we provide; -
  • We have made a significant impact on improving the number of good quality, affordable homes in Gloucestershire, Wiltshire and Oxfordshire; and
  • We lead the way in making a difference in thriving, resilient communities where people can flourish and achieve their potential.

Our strategic objectives

We have seven strategic objectives:

  • Valuing our customers
  • Meeting Housing and related needs
  • Growth with a purpose
  • Every penny counts
  • Making a difference
  • Able to stand on our own two feet
  • A great team


For more details, see our Corporate Plan 2015-2025