Intermediate rent

The Intermediate rent properties are a mix of new build and modern houses and flats. They are let at 80% of market rent value and all tenants must be registered with and be accepted by Help to Buy South. When a property becomes available, it will be advertised on the Help to Buy South website, and interest parties should contact us with their application reference number.

Viewing days are arranged for interested applicants. Interested applicants will be asked to supply financial information and reference details. References are taken up via the National Landlords Association.

If you are offered a property, you will be asked to pay a non-refundable holding fee of £100.

Application Criteria

  • Not in receipt of housing benefit
  • Household income not to exceed £60k per annum
  • Proposed tenants cannot own or part own another property.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the tenancy last?
Intermediate Rent - The initial term oftenancy we offer is 6 months (minimum). Provided the property is being maintained and rent account is up to date, we will offer a further 6 or 12 month tenancy.

Rent To Home Buy – The tenancy offered is for a fixed term; by the end of the tenancy a portion of the property must be purchased. 

Terminating my tenancy?
Intermediate Rent - If you wish to terminate your tenancy, we require one months notice, prior to the end of your tenancy. GreenSquare will give you a minimum of 2 months notice.

Rent To Home Buy – Please contact the team to discuss your options on 01249 465465

Can I leave early?
No.  If you decide to leave the property early you will be liable to pay the rent for the duration of your tenancy or until GreenSquare can find a new tenant.

How much is the deposit?
The deposit is normally the equivalent to a months rent plus £100. The deposit is paid to us and then registered with The Deposit Protection Service. The deposit is held  for the duration of the tenancy and, after the final check out inspection, that amount will be returned to the tenant or an agreed figure deducted for damages/repairs or unpaid rent.

For more information about how the deposit is held please click here.

How often will I be inspected?
We aim to complete inspections every 3 months during the first 6 months. Provided everything is satisfactory during the initial tenancy period it will increased to 6-monthly inspections.

Do you accept housing benefit payments?
No, due to the schemes requirements we cannot accept Housing Benefit payments.

Do you accept a Council Bond as a deposit?
No, due to the schemes requirements we cannot accept a Council Bond as a deposit.

I need a repair on my property, who should I contact?
Wiltshire Area:
During Office Hours (9am to 5pm Monday – Friday): Please call us on 01249 465465
For Emergency Repairs Out of Hours: Please call 01249 465465.

Gloucester Area:
24 hours Contact (Property Repairs and Heating & Hot Water Breakdown) – A1 Maintenance
0845 3017444

I have locked myself out of my property, what should I do?
Wiltshire Area:
Please call us on 01249 465465.

Please call 01249 465465

How can I pay my rent?
We offer Direct Debit services to ensure hassle free payment. We also accept card payments over the phone.

Do you allow pets?
No. Pets will only be accepted in the property on prior approval of the association and tenants will be required to sign a pet contract. Please note that an extra deposit may be required.

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